Savage Seas: Asleep Beneath the Surface

Friday November 30, 2012 at 6:00pm savage worlds, savage seas, game session notes Comments (0) »

Guest PC: [Pat] Delilah O'Mari - Artisan/Smith

- the group had finished their conversation with Kilmer on the beach, and were following him through the crowd to speak with the ship captains.  Before they had made it off the beach, they ran into Caroline with a middle-aged woman - just as the ground shook with a tremendous earthquake.  The ground beneath them collapsed inward, and a torrent of water from the sea washed them down into a massive cavern.

- it took the group some time to collect themselves.  The opening above them had re-sealed itself in the cave-in, and it was completely dark.  Breeze and Zatara managed to catch themselves on a higher ledge, but Lucas and the woman, called Delilah, were washed into a larger pool further in.

- Lucas and Delilah began planning a way to produce a light source, while Breeze and Zatara tried to feel their way down to the others.  When Lucas called out for Caroline again, she answered him from some distance away, as a blue light began to emanate from her direction, illuminating a massive cavern - at the far side of which was the facade of a large, palacial building which had, apparently, been consumed by the cavern.  The architecture and design were unrecognizable.

- As Lucas approached the building, a large, mangy wildcat emerged and pounced on him - though it's diseased state was apparently ill-suited to subduing the sailor, and he eventually put it down.

- Deciding they could not return to the surface the way they came, they headed through the palace, hoping there was a way out the other side.  Breeze discovered a kind of workshop down one of the limestone-coated halls.  In addition to some unusual objects, the workroom also contained the remains of a mural which depicted a building similar to the one they were in as well as the bow of a great ship.

- While they were investigating the palace, they were attacked by some large insect-like creatures, which they managed to fend off without significant injuries.

- When the group managed to work their way through the building, they emerged into another massive cavern complex, which contained the buildings of a sizable city.  Near the center of the city was a large flooded area, which was bubbling and issuing steam.  As they approached, a strange, morphing being emerged from the pool and began approaching them, speaking in a strange, nearly-subsonic voice...

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