Savage Seas: Into The Hive

Saturday December 8, 2012 at 7:00pm savage worlds, savage seas, game session notes Comments (0) »

- the creature that had emerged from the sunken city had only started speaking - in some language Zatara inexplicably understood - when skeletal figures began emerging from the water onto the building tops around the group.  The conflict escalated until the first creature was dragged back into the pool and a bright burst of light swallowed the room.  When it subsided, the skeletons were gone.

- the group followed the caverns and tunnels out of the city until they found themselves in a small cavern with a hole in the ceiling through which some light filtered - though it was occupied by a group of crazed goblin-like creatures.

- the group was eventually able to climb up and out of the hole, the wall near which seemed specifically designed to prevent it.  Above they found themselves in a small, hewn stone room which apparently acted as a kind of jail.  The room exited onto a wooden walkway attached to the cliff-side of a massive canyon wall.

- the canyon was honeycombed with hundreds of similar chambers, connected by catwalks, ladders, stairs and lifts.  A river of magma flowed out of the far canyon wall and plunged down to the canyon floor somewhere below - and steam billowed up from those depths.  Most concerning though, was that there were goblins everywhere.

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