Thistle & Thorns: Nareena's Curse

- A group of ferrets had been sighted north of Lockhaven near Thistledown, and a patrol was sent to expell them and to check up on Thistledown.

- As they entered the area and investigated the situation, they found that the town had had a rough year as unprecedented flooding had ruin much of their store, and a dramatic infestation of thorns which had grown quickly and relentlessly since early spring was interfering with life in the village.  Their bad luck seemed to have started after they expelled a crazy old witch-mouse, and some believe she placed a curse on the town.

- The group ultimately discovered that the flooding and thorns had been the direct result of intentional acts, and suspected that the witch-mouse had somehow enlisted the help of the roaming ferrets.

- The group was finally able to track down the ferrets and drive them out of the region, but the witch-mouse was nowhere to be found...

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