Cyrran Reaches: Breaking In

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- A message had been left for the party from Miala Xerus, a noble of the ruling House.  She had something she wanted them to do and that they would be paid for the efforts.  The message stated they were invited to the Xerus Estate, but the Hall guards outside insisted that Miala was no present and that they would not be allowed inside.

- Encountered a bit of a commotion outside the the Hall of Three, where a priest or paladin called Ona was irate - insisting on taking a contingent of armed guards to the Magus Academy, forcing entry and demanding answers from those who were clearly responsible for the previous night's attack.  She was arguing with another priest she called Ivan, who insisted she should not act rashly.

- The party had written a letter to the Master about the magical crossbow bolt that had been shot at Tyrrox in Ettaseph - wanting to know more about it and if who had fired it could be tracked down magically.  They decided they'd go and see if they could get anyone's attention from outside.  They managed to attract the attention of an old priest called Occulous. He seemed a little crazy, but was generally conversive.  He apparently had nothing to do with the sealing of the grounds and was interested in the crossbow bolt, though the wards on the grounds prevented them from passing it through to him.  He did say he would try to get Master Morran their message, but he didn't expect it would be paid much attention.

- The party returned to the Xerus Estate to try again, but they were once more told Miala was not present and that they would not be granted entry.  They then decided to take a closer look at the unoccupied keep Bradley Durn had told them about (and where they expected the ghost they'd encountered previously had come from).  While looking around, Taryn witnessed some suspicious figures sneaking into the keep by way of the second floor of a neighboring house.

- The group entered the house and were attacked by some thugs with a tattoo of the symbol of the eye with the tooth they'd seen before.

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