Cyrran Reaches: Confronting the Unseen

Saturday April 27, 2013 at 6:00pm d&d, cyrran reaches, game session notes Comments (0) »

- The party followed the others' lead into the abandoned keep.  They avoided the treant guardian in the courtyard and made their way to the large manorhouse between the two large towers.

- Inside they found the place had been disturbed recently, but only on certain places.  A noteworthy feature of the entry/foyer area was the fact that the carpeting and furniture had been shoved to the edges of the room to make way for an arcane circle which had been painted in red on the floor.  There was also a red eye painted on the wall in once corner.

- The group was making their way upstairs, when they were ambushed by some invisible rogues.  They fought them off enough that the rogues retreated.  Upstairs, they found a room that was strangely undisturbed, clean and in good order.  Upon leaving the room, however, they were ambushed again, this time by a more coordinated attack.  The ensuing fight proved difficult.

- As the encounter was wrapping up, another man arrived upstairs.  He seemed startled to see them, but quickly regained his composure.  He seemed to be the "leader" of whatever was going on, and he offered them a considerable sum just to walk away.  While the party was still interrogating him, another man came running in, telling them that the Hall guard was coming..

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