Cyrran Reaches: Lingering Spectres Pt. II

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- After hearing the Hall guard was entering the premesis, Devric ran out of the room downstairs; Lily and Tyrrox followed him.

- Taryn lingered behind long enough to encounter the ghost they'd previously seen.  They had a brief conversation about the now-departing intruders, and it seemed to go well until Taryn mentioned a woman he'd seen in a painting downstairs.  This upset the ghost terribly and caused it to wail uncontrollably.

- Downstairs, Devric used some sort of potion to activate the arcane circle, and images of rocky prominences jutting up from a fetid sea began to take shape in the mists above the floor, eventually revealing a massive hydra and a pair of disembodied voices.  The barrier between the worlds seemed to weaken, and water began pouring onto the manor floor - along with several small demons.

- Meanwhile, the Hall guard arrived outside and were busy attempting to cross the courtyard while the keep's guardian seemed disinclined to allow them.

- Taryn caught up with the others downstairs in time to be mutated by corruptive energies which were now pouring from the circle.  Lily tried to convince Devric to end the ritual, but the man seemed to be becoming more and more mad.

- When the ritual did finally end a couple of rounds later, Devric collapsed on the floor, chuckling madly to himself.  The Hall guard finally gained entrance, searched the place and took all those present into custody.

- The party was taken to the holding cells in the basement of the Hall of Three, where they were held until trial.  The trials were held individually, and involved each of the accused accounting for his/her actions to a group of assembled clergy whereupon one was called to make a final and swift judgement.  In general, the judges agreed that the party's statements were basically true and that they were only guilty of breaking and entering. 

- After the trials, the group encountered Miala, a noblewoman who had previously attempted to contact them, and they agreed to meet with her later that evening.

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