Cyrran Reaches: Wayward

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- Tyrrox finished his community service and returned to the Hall of Three to retrieve his weapons that were being held.  Upon arriving, he was challenged to a duel by Aegus Rothan, one of the more militant priests of the hall.  After the fight, Tyrrox was invited to eat and drink with the hall soldiers.  During the conversations, Rothan mentioned that he'd encountered an ibixian before - a man he called Kiveg, who was supposedly Tyrrox's uncle.

- When the group reassembled, Taryn told them he'd had a dream about Morran in the undercity and thought he knew where to go - a place called The Junk Room.

- Kael helped the group find the market that was near the place.  When they arrived, they found the proprietor, and old woman, being harrased by a few armed thugs.  Taryn managed to talk them down.

- The group found out from the woman that Morran had come to talk to her, and that he wanted some help healing a kind of magical wound.  She didn't seem happy about the visit.

- Kael decided to see if he could find out where the thugs went.  The group caught up with them near their hideout in the Undercity, and a fight ensued.  After defeating the thugs, they found a familiar tattoo on their foes, and someone in an old cloak and fine robes tied up inside.

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