Cyrran Reaches: The Precipice

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Guest Character:

[Kevin] Batu - Sylvan Elf Barbarian


- The party spent some time discussing what to do with Morran's body.  They quickly decided they wanted to use 'speak with dead' to try to learn more, but they were considering certain logistics.

- The group ultimately decided they wanted to use the spell in the presence of the Hall of Three as well as some of the local nobles in an effort to unify them against whatever was going on.

- After some doing, they convinced Miala Xerus to arrange for a midnight council meeting.

- The party asked Morran about what was going on at the academy and what it could mean if the devils' efforts were successful.  Most of this was stuff that the party had already learned, but they wanted the others to be able to hear it straight from Morran.

- While they were still talking, representatives from House Briglau burst in, lead by a wild and angelic figure - saying that if the local law would not cast out the devils, they would take matters into their own hands.

- Aside: An elf called Batu (Kevin) arrives in town, only to find the gates closed.  He has a brief altercation with a racist bartender and meets up with a dwarven cleric.


Next Session Theory: Friday, Oct 18th.

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