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goat at Fender's Farm got your goat
got your goat

Yeah, it's a goat.

I posted this picture because, as a photo, I actually think it's pretty fantastic.  I love the way its framed, and the perspective it gives. I've been playing a bit more with the wide end of my kit lens lately (i've mentioned before how i've been fairly impressed with the image quality of this lens, at least on my crop-frame camera) - this was taken at 28mm on it.  At ~45mm equiv, it's *barely* a "wide angle" shot, but it's a close enough approximation.  I have my eye on an actual wide-angle lens - probably my next camera-based purchase - and some of the experiments I've been doing with this lens have given me some ideas on what kind of fun i could have with a still-larger field of view.

The shot was taken earlier today over at Fender's Farm, which was stop number three on the day's crazy agenda.  It's been exhausting, but fun.


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