Cyrran Reaches: The Devil's Nest pt. II

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- as the angel, called Ceria, had burst in, the meeting erupted with outbursts, which continued until a new figure appeared - some kind of fiend called 'Lavarent' - operating as an ambassador for Jekri.

- Ceria's cohorts began to assault the newcomer once his nature was revealed, but Miala demanded Taryn and the others stop it - which they managed to do, after a fashion.  The fiend did little more besides warn those present that any attempt to interfere would be met with resistance.  This did little to shake Ceria's resolve.

- At this point, the meeting began to fracture.  Rothan, seeing little more he could do, departed after being confronted by Tyrrox.  Reynold and Miala were still unhappy about the interlopers, but recognized they could do little.  The PCs seemed inclined to, if not join the angel, at least operate in tandem.

- The angel informed them that she and her forces planned to march on the pit immediately.  The party then decided to try to find their way into the academy from the underground.

- Ona called for volunteers at the Hall of Three to aid in the assault on the pit.  It so happened the Batu, after being instructed to deliver a letter to the Hall, had managed to secure a room there for the night.  Upon hearing the summons, he eagerly joined the cause to show his strength.  

- Sensing some cunning in him, Ona discussed their strategy and the two decided a flanking maneuver would be most beneficial.  Since Ceria and her forces were drawing most of the attention, Ona, Batu and their guard managed to scale to the bottom of the pit from the opposite side - where they encountered the barbed lord devil the party had previously encountered.  He was standing near two, twisted bronze columns which had some sort of metal clamps fastened to them, with ropes trailing into some sort of mirror-like object.

- The party managed to break into the Academy from below.  Inside they found that it had been completely infested with devils who seemed to have forced or enticed the mortals within to engage in all manner of unseemly behavior.  In the main hallways, the encountered massive, infernal machinery into which some unlucky mortals had already been grafted.  Beyond it, in a large open chamber, they could see the Galdzuri arch, a golden-purple aura pulsing around it...

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