Cyrran Reaches: Machinations

Friday November 1, 2013 at 7:00pm d&d, cyrran reaches, game session notes Comments (0) »

Guest Player:

[Brandon] Jekri - villain


- Deciding the machinery they saw was attempting to activate or power the Arch, they decided to try to hunt down its own power source.  After a brief altercation with a formian taskmaster and its servitors, the group began ascending the tower, following the machinery.

- The party encountered several more unusual rooms where mortals were engaging in a variety of distorted behaviors, carefully watched by devils.

- Eventually, the party found themselves in a great hall-like room several floors up.  It was populated with a number of well-dressed mortals, but no devils were seen.  The hosts of the room flattered and begged the party to stay and socialze with them.  Kael and Taryn seemed particularly persuaded, Kael by a man lauding his obvious leadership, and Taryn by a beautiful young woman who desired his company.  In the end, it was Lily that all by dragged the others from the room.

- It was on the 15th floor that Taryn happened upon an ice devil standing guard outside a significant-looking room.  He was accompanied by Jekri.

- Around this time, Lily had met a mephit who gave to her a key, asking her to "rescue" a professor by the name of Valthious.  It mentioned that a person(?) called "Vex" would know where to find him.

- The group parlayed with Jekri for several minutes - at a safe distance of about 70 feet.  Jekri told them he had no interested in Igveston itself, but that the Academy was rightfully his.  He also promised them his activities would not affect the surrounding city, and that, if they truly could not be persuaded otherwise, they could bring a small contigent in to "inspect".  Tomorrow.

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