Cyrran Reaches: The Devil You Know

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- The group decided to make their way up to the place where they believed the current head of the Academy was being held.  When they found her, she suggested they should follow her to where Jekri had gone - to retrieve some kind of artifact that would help him use the Arch.

- The party decide instead to try to find the power source of the machinery, which now seemed to be operating out of control.  They found what would have been the power source swarming with Formians, which seemed to be colonizing the upper levels of the Academy.  A massive gear portruded from some sort of portal, but it didn't seem to be driving the machinery as much as the machinery was now pushing against it.

- Deducing that the machinery was now powering itself, they followed it back down to the Arch itself, where they found Jekri, the headmistress, and quite a few devils.  The arch seemed to be partially powered, but Jekri clearly wasn't happy with its progress.

- The party shattered a kind of spiritual energy repository which was a part of the machinery as the devils and Jekri began to engage them.  The portal deactivated and a massive and maddeningly deformed skeleton crashed through the wall of the Academy, collapsing around it.

- Seeing that his plan had failed, Jekri fled the Academy.  Reinforcements from House Briglau arrived.

- The next couple of days were spent doing cleanup on the city from the aftermath of these events.  Both the Academy and the Hall of Three were significantly damaged, and lost a number of notable leaders.

- Following, the party were guests of honor at a party held by Miala Xerus.  The noble houses seem to be gaining prominence in the city.

End Chapter One

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