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Old School Nalgene Bottle A New Life for and Old Bottle for an Old Cache
A New Life for and Old Bottle for an Old Cache

Please Remove Your Cache

So I've continued on with my new(est) geocaching hobby.  I blame Llama.  It's his fault.

Anyway, about a week ago, I went to pick up a cache we'd previously searched for, failed to find, learned was actually missing, and was subsequently replaced.  On my way around, I stopped in on another cache I'd found that had been de-listed from the site due to maintenance issues.

This one, dubbed "Tree Frog", has had a pretty long history of unfortunate happenstances.  When we found it the first time, it had been eaten through.  When I found it this time, the lid was off, it was full of water and its contents were scattered around.  Since it was in such bad shape and was no longer actively listed on, it basically constituted "litter", so I decided I'd remove it.  It wasn't "mine", but the owner had said he/she could no longer manage it (the container had already been replaced at least once by someone else) - so I felt I was doing a courtesy to the community and the park.  I posted to the cache's logs saying I'd removed it and provided some photos.  Alas, poor cache.


Speaking of dead caches, yesterday Llama and I went out for a few.  He wasn't up to hitting Buffalo Mountain again, so we decided we'd go back to the Laurel Park picnic area and find the two there we didn't grab last time - and we decided we would replace one that had been missing for a couple of years.  

The last time we went out there, we spent about 45 minutes looking for a cache that wasn't there.  I should have paid closer attention to the logs.  The last person to log the cache did find it, but it was in 2012, and they said they found "pieces" of it.  Well, we found nothing - and we were so disheartened by the whole experience that we decided not to go looking for the other two that were at that park (we'd already found 3 that day, and ALL of them were much harder than they should have been).

We took one of the old Nalgene bottles dad & I used to use when we went backpacking to use as a container, since it was solid and watertight.  I'm pretty sure that bottle probably has quite a few wilderness-trekking miles under its belt, so a "final" resting place as a geocache along a trail in the woods seemed appropriate.

After that, we hit the other two caches that were at the park.  Those hadn't been found in a year or two either, but they were fortunately still present.  One required some pretty serious up-hill bushwacking though....and deserved every bit of its 4-star terrain rating.


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