Cyrran Reaches: Captive

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- Not wanting to abandon the town, the party discussed what they could do about the dragon.  It seemed unwise to confront it directly.  They considered trying to convince it to leave - perhaps with tales of the treasures they had been seeking themselves.

- The party spent the next day looking around the town.  Unfortunately, spending so much time in the town, coupled with some particular things Taryn happened to say out loud gave away a certain secret.  They had just met a girl called Sedine at a place in the village called the Well of Shadows when the dragon crashed through the canopy and demanded the artifact from Taryn.

- The encounter started with some uncertainty, but, seeing few other options with respect to protecting his companions, Tyrrox began attacking the beast.

- Mishveerra - the dragon - largely ignored all of the PCs except Taryn until a Kael put an arrow through her eye.  Worn down, and now significantly injured, the creature decided the advantage was, surprisingly, no longer hers and remaining was a significant risk.  She had pinned her quarry to the ground, and so simply took the the air with her prisoner, and soon was out of sight.

- Mishveera dove back into the lake, and swam to her lair beneath the elven village.  When Taryn awoke there, he found himself in an air pocket within a large, ruined building with the dragon and two others: a sly-looking human musician, and a stern, elderly elven woman.

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