Cyrran Reaches: Green Eye pt. III

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- Having fended off the kobolds, the party took some time to catch their breath and plotted to confront Mishveerra.  Working with a druid and a cleric of the village, they made preparations the following morning to descend to the dragon's lair beneath the island.

- On their way into the depths, they encountered a giant eel-like creature which offered information in exchange for a strong magical item.  The party gave it a magical dagger (the one that had been used to kill Elivius Morran) and it warned them of a "dark power" possessed by the human who was with the dragon.

- When they arrived at the bubble that encompassed the lair, they witnessed a gate opening to one of the lower planes and several vrocks came through.  As they engaged the vrocks, the dragon attacked them from behind.

- Taryn decided now was the time to use his orb, and successfully dominated the dragon, directing it to enter the portal.  When it crossed to the other side, however, his control over it was broken.  She called back through to a man called Lurathi.  The two agreed to some sort of deal, and the man appeared, shattering a black sphere on the ground just as Mishveerra leapt back through the portal.

- When it broke, the black sphere sent out a shockwave which created a massive anti-magic field.

- As Taryn, Tyrrox and Kael engaged the dragon - now all stripped of any magical or supernatural abilities - Lily chased after Lurathi, who left the bubble and began to swim.  She wasn't sure how she did it, but she swam for a great distance, eventually catching up with and killing him in a cavern above the submerged ruins.

- The group just managed to kill Mishveerra, but they are now trapped beneath the lake with no magical aid.  Curiously, the clearly supernatural bubble that they occupy has not collapsed, and is only very slowly leaking...

LLama says...

Hurray...we won.....we're doomed. I'm not sure how we're getting out of this...but that's half the fun, right?

Penguinsushi says...

There were options. Sometimes the most immediate, obvious one is best. Other times, perhaps not. I'll let you all be the judge as to whether you chose the "correct" one in this case. ;)

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