Cyrran Reaches: What's Ours Is Mine

Friday November 14, 2014 at 7:00pm d&d, cyrran reaches, game session notes Comments (0) »

- As the group surveyed the mine full of troglodytes, they encountered another trog hunting party returning to the caves.  There was a brief skirmish during which one of the trogs yelled to the others that they were under attack.

- A dominant troglodyte figure appeared at the mine entrance telling whoever was out in the woods to leave or be hunted down and devoured by his tribe.

- There was brief, shouting exchange of questions between the party and the troglodypes, during which the tribe came under attack by a giant, black worm-like creature.

- The party decided to assist in killing the beast to aid in parlaying with the trogs.

- After killing the worm, a brief conversation ensued (mostly with a shaman of the tribe called Mikka).  The trogs had been lead to the area by the dragon Mishveera and, while they weren't particuarly thrilled about it, they weren't in a position to make the long journey back to their homelands (even if they wanted to).

- The group told them of human interest in the mine and suggested some future bargain could be made, but got no commitment from the trogs who still seemed decidedly unfriendly if not outright hostile.

- The party decided to return to Igveston.

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