Cyrran Reaches: The Curse

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- The party arrived in Igveston, where they were greated by Alphast awaiting his report on the mine, as well as some of the House Briglau guards were informed Tyrrox that the captain needed his help.  Tyrrox and Lily went with the guards, Taryn and Kael went with Alphast.

- Taryn and Kael reported what they knew of the mine, and enjoyed some hospitality at House Alphast

- Tyrrox and Lily learned of some problems at Nephrim Keep and some strange attacks elsewhere in the city - some creature which they were to hunt down.

- As the evening wound down at House Alphast, Miala Xerus interrupted and requested the presence of Taryn and Kael.  Once at their estate, she told them that Lord Tievain had been missing.

- While investigating, Lily and Tyrrox were attacked by a beast, which Lily recognized as a werewolf.  They eventually brought it down, and, realizing it was a "person", Lily suggested they take it to the Academy (which was nearby) to see about restoring it.

- At House Xerus, Taryn and Kael investigate a wrecked room where Tievain was last known to be.  When the absence of signs of struggle prompted Kael to suggest that perhaps Tievain became something, Miala told them of the house's lycanthropic curse.

- Miala, Taryn and Kael were in the dungeons talking about William (who'd been comfortably confined there for his and others' protection).  When the were heading back up, they found the house on fire...

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