Cyrran Reaches: Up In Flames

Saturday January 10, 2015 at 7:00pm d&d, cyrran reaches, game session notes Comments (0) »

- Lily and Tyrrox talk with Valthious who tells them of the difficulties in curing lycanthropy.  While they're talking, a bell begins ringing and they go to investigate, seeing many of the guards heading back to House Briglau.  They get there in time to stop a wounded werewolf from escaping from the estate - suspecting that it may be guard who was previously feverish.

- Kael and Taryn are with Miala Xerus at her estate, and find that it is on fire and crawling with fire elementals and assassins - one of which was a humaniod bird of some kind.  As the three tried to escape the burning keep, the bird-woman managed to stab Miala in the back.  There was a green flash and she burst into flames, leaving behind only a few ashes.  After this happened, the attackers began to disperse, leaving the keep in flames.

- The party reassembled and discussed what to do next.  Valthious is concerned about the political turmoil these recent events will cause.  He suggests keeping Tievain's wereabouts and the existance of William a secret.  Kael seeks vengeance, and Taryn seems inclined to agree. Lily and Tyrrox however, are still keen to follow the tenuous lead on the "marked man" that they recently discovered.

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