Cyrran Reaches: Unravelling Loose Ends

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- After pursuing a couple of individual goals, the party decided to return to Nephrim Keep the following evening, looking for the old man they'd met previously.  They didn't find him, but they did find a black cat that turned out to be one of the bird people.  She told them that House Meric had instructed her associates to kill all members of House Xerus.  Taryn had reason to suspect that they might not all be dead, and the bird woman suggested that perhaps her sister had used "the artifact" to transport them to another plane instead.  The party has no particular way to determine where that may have been, however.

- The next day, the group rescued a very intoxicated but alive William Xerus from the dungeons below the burned-out estate - doing so invisibly so as not to attract attention.  He was brought to House Dyn'Talor at the Academy as well.  After pastries.

- Feeling pressed for time on other fronts, the party decided to leave Igveston in a couple of days.

- Tyrrox was asked to help rebuild morale at House Briglau after the werewolf attack had resulted in the deaths of several important figures.  He was later honored with a give from the founder's armory.

- Taryn had a somewhat awkward reuinion with Celia at The Corner House - a dining establishment for very private meetings.  She continued to try to convince him to stay in Igveston and became fairly upset, but ultimately resigned to his departure and attempted to enjoy the evening.

- Lily was asked to perform at The Silver Stag (a social club of the nobility of Igveston).  She managed to convince the performers' liason that she had very limited time, and he made some drastic cuts in the schedule to fit her in the following night.  Lily performed amazingly well, and her fame in the city continues to grow.

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