Cyrran Reaches: Many Eyes, Many Teeth

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- While the group was still investigating the safehouse they'd found, a local street gang arrived and attempted to give them some trouble.  They failed.

- The group learned from the gang's leader that a man called Dralt seemed to be behind a few recent incidents.  Dralt told his gang to "take care of" anyone messing with this house.

- The group returned to the main part of the city and met with Respina, the Watch Prime.  During the conversation, the group Many Eyes, Many Teeth came up.  The Watch was aware of a gang that used that symbol (and that they'd been responsible for some festival vandalism in previous years), but didn't know anything that made this group any different than any other group of troublemakers.

- The next day, the final processions began with Tyrrox playing the part of Cyrus Thorn (an honor he'd won by winning the tournament).  Lily found Gable Magnar at a table with Phicious Vallane and, having finally cornered him, found out a bit about his previous association with Many Eyes, Many Teeth.

- They were still talking when "Cyrus" and the illusory hydra representing Lockthuun arrived in the town circle.  People were beginning to crowd the area, anxiously anticipating the final drama and the banquet to follow.  When the hydra reached the top of the hill, however, it winked out of existence.  There, a gate opened and out came a massive, demonic hyda - all too real.

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