New Auburn Chronicle: Character Creation

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

System: World of Darkness

Setting: New Auburn, CO

Players: Sheri, Tony, Adam, Tim, Keara

Schedule: Near-weekly


The New Auburn Chronicle is a (New) World of Darkness campaign set in a small city called New Auburn, located in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado.  It is intended to be a short-to-medium length campaign.

The PCs are a group of people who have witnessed the supernatural to some small degree, and are on the lookout to protect the city of New Auburn from its influence.

We did character creation for this game tonight.  There are still some lingering details to be filled in, but most of the mechanical creation has been done.  


- Sara Cruise [Sheri] :: a history/literature student at New Auburn College

- Aaron Taggert [Tony] :: a local police officer with a minor reputation as a nut due to some supernatural reports

- Carter Hall [Adam] :: a history/archeaology professor at New Auburn College

- Jordan Fitzgerald [Tim] :: a local radio dj who hosts a late-night show on the paranormal

- Emory Tate [Keara] :: a local paramedic

The current plan is to play this game on monday ("crackle") nights.  We'll see how it goes.

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