New Auburn Chronicle: Missing Pieces

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Aaron got a strange note indicating the address of an old, abandoned apartment building.  He had someone at the station check it for finger prints and they found a partial match - that of a wanted serial killer in a case 10 years cold.

- Jordan got strange call on his radio show and now only remembers pieces of the rest of the night - though a co-worker said he saw him chased out of the building by a big guy.

- Sara looked up some info on Dr Hannelbrock - the colleague who'd sent the package to the late professor Hall - only to discover that he died in a car accident right around the time the package was postmarked.  Later that night, she was awakened by sounds in her bathroom: the faucet & shower were on, and she heard talking.  Sara recognized Kim's voice inside, speaking in an increasingly agitated tone, punctuated by the sounds of objects flying across the bathroom and slamming into the walls.  The door was locked; by the time she got inside, whoever it was was gone.

- Carter contacted campus security in order to see if the cameras caught any images of the man Sara had seen coming from his office when they discovered it had been trashed.  Only two cameras showed images of the man - it's as if he came from nowhere and disappeared when he left that one hallway.

- Emory and her partner got a call for a collapsed man in the middle of an east-side street and advised that he might be intoxicated.  When they arrived the man looked deformed, had some odd injuries, and seemed terrified out of his mind.  He pulled a gun and shot, winging the paramedic, but subsequently collapsed and stopped breathing.  He was disarmed by Sgt Bryonson who was at the scene.  The emergency responders tried to revive him, but it was too late.

- After being denied by Cecil Perkins, the station manager, Jordan and Aaron consider how to get access to the station's security camera footage.

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