New Auburn Chronicle: Haunted

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Jordan found his way into the room with the PC controlling the security cameras.  Perkins apparently isn't especially tech-savvy, so gaining access to what he was searching for was pretty simple.  The videos showed a strange man in the booth with him that night, and a black smoke pouring out of his headphones and eyes.

- Meanwhile, Carter Hall had arrived home after a days' work to find what appeared to be a journal belonging to his late grandfather sitting on the coffee table, a pen sitting next to it.  Most of the entries were mundane and somewhat boring, but toward the end - about 6 months or so before his death - they became disorganized and unexplained.  The last entry contained the current date with words scrawled across the lines in Hector's handwriting: "They're watching me.  They've always been watching me."

- Aaron sent a text message to the others saying that he thought they ought to get together a bit sooner than originally planned.  Most of them agreed.

- The following morning, Aaron talked with Kristine Cannon, New Auburn's homicide detective.  She told him that they were going to look into the location described in the note he'd received, and Aaron asked to be involved.  After a minute or two, Krisitine suggested that they go check it out the next evening.

- Sara saw Kim Jones - her ghost, or someone that looked just like her - going into the basement of the Richardson Building, and followed.  Downstairs she found a dark and damp room containing pipes and conduits, with Kim sitting at a single desk in the middle of an opening.  When Sara finally got close enough to get the girl's attention, the being turned on her with milky white eyes, distorted features and over-long limbs.  Sara fought through the darkness back up to the first floor, where she found large spiders crawling on her.

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