Some Truly Epic Caching

Saturday August 22, 2015 at 10:46pm geocaching Comments (0) »
 Captain Dobie's Treasure Map
Captain Dobie's Treasure Map

So Tony and I went out to do some geocaching today, and we found what is probably my favorite cache to-date.  It was a multi-cache (a cache with multiple "stages") called "Captain Dobie's Treasure".  The GPS coordinates lead you to a container which contains the pictured amazingly-crafted map, which, in turn, directs you to a small cave located in a small pocket of TVA land near Boone Lake. 

When we got there, I secured my 100' of paracord to a tree above the cave, and, after we defeated the large spider guarding the entrance, Tony put his headlamp on and went in.  It took him a few minutes to locate the cache, which he brought up for us to examine.  I then put on the headlamp and went down to put it back.   The cave actually goes in/down quite a ways - at least 40', from what I could tell.  It even had cave crickets!  Pretty cool.  The place where Tony had pulled the cache was only about 15 or 20' in and I was seriously tempted to take it considerably further down - I could see a spot that levelled out and seemed open up just a bit - but I refrained.

Tony was ready to call it a day after that - not because it was a gruelling task, but because really, we weren't going to top that.  I knew he was right, but I still had plans.

It was a great day, and this was definitely the high point.


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