New Auburn Chronicle: Corruption

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- The group headed to the "west tenements", a poor and isolated area of the city.  After pulling off to take a look at a dead dog lying in the middle of the street, they decide to continue on foot.

- Most of the group move on to talk to an old man sitting on his front porch.  He seems reluctant to talk to outsiders, but eventually tells them that "the witch" at the "general store" is responsible for the dreamcatcher-like charms hanging from many of the buildings - charms that bear a pattern identical to the strange spider web Jordan saw.

- The group then proceeds to the old general store, which is now full of strange charms, talismans and totems.  They call for the proprietor - when she finally arrives, she seems most unhappy to see them, calling them outsiders and telling them their auras are "out-of-phase" with this locale.

- Aaron stays back, he notices another of the strange spider webs.  This leads him to the basement of one of the buildings, covered in them.  After calling out, he hears someone upstairs who seemed as though he might be in some trouble.  Emory arrived to join him at this point, and they find a man collapsed upstairs injecting something into his arm.  They start to call 911, when the man begins to convulse, sprouting spider legs, fangs, and 6 additional yellow eyes.  The creature is hostile, but seems un-accustomed to its form.  As it springs upon them (biting Aaron a few times), they fire on it, eventually bringing it down as it is stuck in the doorway - at which point, its monstrous appendages begin to dissolve into goo, leaving a man with multiple bullet wounds.

- 3xp

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