New Auburn Chronicle: Follow the Trails

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Aaron met detective Kristine Cannon to check out the address on the mysterious note with a killer's fingerprints he'd received.  They found that, despite the building's 'abandoned' status, there were signs of recent passage and habitation.  They found that the nails boarding up the door to the basement were new, but Kristine was accosted by some local thugs while retrieveing a crowbar from her vehicle.  The thugs made a show of threatening them to leave the building, which they did.  Someone is apparently watching it for some reason.

- Sara went to the Lake Meijer Marina and talked to Jennifer about the late Eric Riley.  She told Sara that he was an avid outdoorsman, and they found a record of a cancelled pontoon and "extended guide services" reservation for Hector Hall originally made for the day after Riley's untimely death.  There was nothing else on record indicating the purpose of the outing, though Jennifer did recall that his personal SCUBA gear was later found in one of the storage lockers.

- Carter went home after their meeting to look through his grandfather's things a bit more thoroughly.  In doing so, he came across a bit of a shredded document to the Society for American Archeaology talking about a new site, some print-out bathymetry with some marks on the deepest places, a newspaper clipping talking about the delayed repairs to the New Tree Monument, and a note about the Algonquin word "mahigan" in the margin of an unusual book on Arapaho dialects.

- Jordan and Emory decided to take a look at the basement where Sara had encountered some apparition that resembled Kim Jones.  They were accosted by one of the professors who, not recognizing them, asked what he could do to help.  They played off their presence as looking for an old professor of Jordan's from when he took classes at the college - an effort which was partially successful.  When the managed to make it to the basement, they found that it looked very different from what Sara described: namely cleaner, well-lit, and possessed of a completely different layout.  Though they did notice one of the odd spider webs in a corner, it wasn't until Jordan picked the lock on a utility closet that they discovered anything that matched Sara's story: an old, beat-up classroom desk.  Among the graffiti, they noticed the words "help me" gouged into one corner.  They were trying to photograph the desk when the door at the top of the stair openened and Emory pulled Jordan inside.

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