New Auburn Chronicle: Bullets and Teeth

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Sara was listening to Jordan's late-night radio show when it returned from commercial and went to dead air.  Concerned, she called Carter and the two of them decided to head over to the station to see what was up.  As they were arriving, they saw a young man break into the building.  When they went in to investigate, they found themselves cornered by a werewolf.  A brief encounter resulted, ending when the wolf creature fled the building.  There was no sign of Jordan, but the radio booth was full of spider webs.

- Aaron got a call from Kristine saying that she thought their best bet for getting back into the basement of that abandoned building was to try sooner rather than later - and decided they were heading back right then.  When they arrived, they found that the place was inhabited by one of the thugs from earlier.  They set a bit of a trap to catch him, which didn't exactly work and he escaped.  The two found their way into the basement where they found the remains of a drug operation that was no longer present.  Aaron did notice some anchors in the walls and some dried orange-red goo.  As they were leaving, he also found a map of Pine Rock State Park which had circled a remote shelter house.  On their way back to the car, they were ambushed by a larger group of thugs with automatic weaponry, from which they narrowly escaped.

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