New Auburn Chronicle: Eyes to the Mountains

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Jordan had been somehow abducted, apparently by a man in an odd, old suit who definitely did not have yellow eyes.  They had a...pleasant...conversation wherein the man told Jordan he had been cursed and that the only way to remove the curse was the eliminate an old spiritual presence.  Jordan, unsure of this man's motives, basically told him thanks but no thanks, and that he would address his...situation...himself.  Upon leaving, he found himself outside a cabin deep in the forest north of the city.  He fought his way through the forest and back to the city over the next 24 hours.

- The group took a couple of days to recover from injuries and collect some thoughts.  During this time, Sara met with a friend of the missing sculptor of the New Tree Monument and acquired some of Kim's old school notes.  Aaron received a call from Kristine cautioning him about being too vocal about his more "interesting" theories.  Carter got a voicemail from the history chair at CSU Fort Collins who'd found out he'd previously tried to contact the late James Hannelbrock.

- The group met on friday night to discuss things again.  They decided they were going to go and investigate the shelter house marked on the park map Aaron found in the abandoned apartment building.  They're making ready to go on a "camping trip" - they'll check out the place during the day and, if they find nothing, head back at night...

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