New Auburn Chronicle: A Fake Smile

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- The group packed up and headed out to Pine Rock State Park around noon.  They noticed the road and shelter were not on the current maps given out by the park.  They found the old road on their way to the campground - it was overgrown and had a rusted yellow gate barring vehiclular entrance.

- Once they set up at the campground, the drove back down to the gate and hiked up to the pavilion.  When they were getting close, Sara sneaked ahead and found that there were three men - probably in their 20s - present with a grill, a cooler, some paper cups, and other such things.

- The group as a whole then emerged and greeted the three, and were subsequently told that there was about to be a bit of a private party in an hour or so - with a thinly veiled suggestion that the intruders leave.  Being a bit suspicious, the group proceeded to pry a bit - both directly and indirectly - and examined the area.  One of the men in particular seemed a bit more jumpy than the other two.  Several behaviors from all three seemed odd, but there wasn't really any hard evidence that they were doing anything nefarious.  Sara did notice a worn pathway leading down into the ravine behind the shelter.  

- The situation almost turned ugly when Aaron, successfully baiting one of the men, attempted to open the cooler to get a beer and was met with a degree of aggression not quite in keeping with a minor social faux pas.  Carter successfully difused the situation and the group ultimately withdrew amid lingering tensions.

- Deciding something was definitely up, the group decided to stage a stake-out.  Carter, in full hunting camo, made his way to the hilltop above the shelter just before dusk.  He wasn't able to see into the shelter much from his vantage point, but he was able to keep an eye on the area and could hear the general sounds of conversation.  No one else ever arrived for the "party", and, just after dusk, the group of men left the shelter, heading down into the ravine...

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llama says...

Yeah, it was good to see Carter get a chance to shine. Keep on shining.

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