New Auburn Chronicle: Venomous

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Carter descended into the ravine to do some scouting, finding a cave from which a loud, motor-like noise and the strong smell of dead things were issuing.  Seeing no sentries, he called the others down.

- The group proceeded into the cave one by one, but sticking fairly close together.  They followed the sound and hints of light down through some steep and narrow passages.

- At the bottom, they found several tables full of marijuana plants with sun lamps powered by a lound gas generator.  The three men they'd seen earlier where all at the far side of the room near what seemed to be a gaping crack in the floor of the large cavern - they were pulling something out of it with chains.

- The group entered the cavern and were spotted.  One of the men pulled a pistol and began firing on them, but another seemed to be trying to stop the shooting.  The thing they were dragging out of the pit at first seemed human, but as they got a better look at it, had obviously inhuman qualities.  When it finally emerged entirely from the pit, they found it to have a massive, spider-like abdomen protruding from a humanoid torso.  The three men this.

- What insued was a collection of uncoordinated and conflicting attempts to control the situation.  The spider creature attempted to free itself from its chains and set upon its captors, one of the three men seemed to be attempting to subdue the creature with a tranquilizer gun, another, panicked, grabed a submachine gun and began wildly spraying the room with bullets, while the third seemed intent on firing upon the interlopers.  The party divided its efforts between keeping the creature at bay and subduing the three possible human assailants.  

- Due to the latter's state of disarray combined with some good fortune, the group was actually able to come out ahead with little harm.  Aaron subdued the man attempting to shoot at him - having successfully shot his gun arm and then bludgeoning him with his baton - his bulletproof vest doing a sufficient job of keeping him from mortal injury.  With some additional fire support from Emory, Carter put several good shots into the spider creature with his hunting rifle as it attempted to free it self such that, by the time it had, it seemed to prefer retreat rather than combat.  Jordan tackled the man wildly shooting an automatic weapon, which Sara relieved him of.  The blonde man attempting to tranquilize the creature, seeing it about to free itself and his comrads subdued by the intruders, hesistated for a moment before dropping the gun and running.  Sara pursued him, but he seemed to know the cave well and was much too quick.  By the time she reached the base of the ravine up to the shelter, he was already in his jeep heading down the road.  Sara was, however, able to prevent the other man - the one who'd panicked - from escaping when she intercepted him on his way out.

- The group was left with two "prisoners" and the remains of some kind of drug operation.  It looked fairly standard at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they found that joints being manufacturered from the growing plants were additionally being soaked in a red-orange goo.  They found a few more mason jars full of the stuff in a nearby safe.  Before it had retreated, they had all seen the same substance oozing from the creature's mouth and abdomen...

- +5xp

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