New Auburn Chronicle: Waiting in the Weeds

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Made aware of the approaching vehicle and guessing it was probably the man who'd fled during the confrontation in the cave along with more companions, the group made to hide.

- Just before the gang arrived, Aaron turned to find a tall, Native-American-looking man standing behind him.  Startled he went to tackle the man, but found he passed right through his target, tumbling some distance down the hill.  During a brief interaction with Jordan and one of the prisoners (who were halfway up the hill), the rest of the group was alerted to the approaching vehicle.  The rest of the party, at the bottom of the hill, heard the sound of howling int he distance.

- Due to some impressive and convincing half-truths (and outright falsehoods) by Jordan, the rest of the group managed to get their two prisoners to hide with them, convincing one of them that they're buddy had betrayed them and that the approaching men were from a rival gang.

- From his position, Aaron was able to see a dark man in a coat with a heavily-bandaged head in the vehicle the gang had arrived in.  He seemed to be calling the shots.  More disturbing, however, he kept hearing a rustling in the leaves and brush getting closer - eventually growling the word "Niatha" in his ear.  When Aaron finally turned the flashlight behind him, though, he found nothing.

- Carter had sneaked around to get a view of this area as well, and was keeping an eye on the situation form a position across the pathway from Aaron.  He heard the rustling around him, too - though nothing more.

- The group left one of their prisoners who was injured, irritated, and had become belligerently uncooperative.  The other they took with them back up to the shelter house and continued to talk with him, ultimately letting him go - convinced, for the moment, that the group was actually working for his emplyer - a man they'd heard of, known as "Catch". 

- After the gang had gone, Aaron and Emory went down to check on the abandoned prisoner.  They caught sight of the tall Native-American, heading toward the cave - this time, he seemed to be licked with flames.  Shockingly, they found that the man they'd left had been brutally mutilated in the few minutes of their absence - his body showing deep claw-like gashes and his chest having been torn open.  They think his heart may have been missing.  

- The group also pulled out, having found out what they could from the park.  They returned to Emory's place (Jordan's place being compromised as he was recognized by the prisoner they'd be talking with).  On their way out, they heard on the radio that the downtown courthouse was burning down...

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