New Auburn Chronicle: Fire Flight

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- The party disbanded for the evening - Sara stayed with Emory, Jordan went with Carter, and Aaron went back to his place.  

- Aaron, being pretty beat up, decided he needed a day to recover.  The others decided the next day to head over to an address for the gang member who'd run away from the cave which Sara had acquired from the registration for his yellow jeep.

- Upon reaching the run-down apartment complex and determining the man wasn't at home, the group engaged in some misdirection to cover Jordan's picking the lock on the door.  Once inside, they noticed the interior was nicely furnished for a run-down place.  Sara found a laptop, which she was busy searching for information on "Catch" or her friend Kim when Carter told them someone was coming.

- They hurred out, running - almost literally - into the man who's apartment they'd been searching.  Recognizing them from the cave before and seeing he was outnumbered, he turned and ran.

- The resulting chase took them up an neighboring alley and on to the adjascent street where the yellow jeep was parked.  When the man reached the jeep, he reached inside, pulled out a pistol and fired it at his pursuers - about the time a nearby black sedan started and peeled out onto the road.  Carter, who'd gone back for the car they'd come in, came barrelling up the alleyway in it, expertly skidding out onto the street. 

- Carter slammed the car into the back of the jeep, and leapt out into the fray, the man in black sedan pulled around the other side began spraying the area with submachine gun bullets, injuring Emory and Jordan, as the man they'd been chasing tried to fight them off.  

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