New Auburn Chronicle: Licking Wounds

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Fearing the approach of sirens, the tow assailants fled the scene.  Carter had made a valiant effort to detain them - or at least keep them off his friends - but the double-team ultimately proved too much and a serious blow to the back of his head all but removed him from the fight.

- Jordan pulled Emory's medical supplies from her trunk and, acting mostly on instinct, managed to stop her profuse bleeding.  Seeing Carter still standing, Jordan decided to leave and get Emory to the hospital ASAP.  

- Police and ambulances arrived next and, after questioning him, took Carter to the hospital as well.

- Sara fought with Damon's laptop a bit more - recovering no more information, but changing the password so as to keep others out.  She then left the complex a reasonable distance, and quietly observed the aftermath of what was going on in the street where the shootout had taken place.  She then walked to a nearby convenience store and, after distracting the owner, used the phone to leave some anonymous tips for the police about Damon and his drug ring.

- The group spent several days recovering.  Aaron got hold of some copied police file info on Elijah Sims (whom Sara now recognizes as the man responsible for the shotgun damage to Emory's car) and Dakota Flores.  

- Jordan went to plead his case to the station manager and, after a bit of persuading, managed to keep his job.  Fearing that at least one of the gang knows who he is and where to find him, Jordan had Aaron accompany him on his first night back.  At about the second commercial break, Aaron stepped outside the booth and noticed an approaching shadow in the hall...

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