New Auburn Chronicle: Death Comes

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Aaron ambushed the radio station intruder, who ran for it after a brief scuffle.  Aaron gave chase, but the guy - whom he recognized as one of the men from the park - was too quick.  Aaron saw a black car nearby pull out and past the station before speeding down the road.

- Sara, meanwhile, had been further investigating the pocketwatch she'd taken from the cash box in the cave at the park as it had some odd properties.  The jeweler she'd spoken with told her that it wasn't working, but she had noticed that it always seemed to have the correct time.  The inscription inside turned out to be a passage from the book of Job.  When she pried open the back, however, she found the object seemingly full of blood and viscera, which poured out from the opening she'd made, along with the hot smell of death.  The room, which had been subtly darkening for the past hour, began to pulse red and just before her light went out, she saw the shadow of a man in an old-fashioned hat and suit near the door to her room.  Sara grabbed her things and ran out through her suitemate's room, calling Emory to come and get her.

- The group convened at Emory's house to discuss what to do next.

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