No Thank You Evil: Missing Max Mixer

Tuesday March 15, 2016 at 6:00pm no thank you evil, game session notes Comments (0) »
 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

New Character:

Lily [Pat] :: a Super-Smart Spy with Dino, the brontosaurus

Session Highlights:

- Angel, Maria, and Lily make their way to Hex Kitchen after receiving an invitation.  Outside, Angel's fox, Ocean, was kidnapped by gingerbread men.

- The Kitchen Witch says they've been getting out of hand and also that her best mixing spoon, Max Mixer, is missing.

- The group tracked the gingerbread men to a melting caramel castle a short distance away.  They were confronted by gingerbread guards, but fought there way inside where they found Ocean.  The king of the gingerbread men appeared and the group noticed he had the mixing spoon.

- During the confrontation, a giant raccoon appeared and began eating the castle.  They grabbed the spoon and tried to get away.  Lily was climbing up on Dino when the raccoon knocked her down and took the shiny spoon.

- The group returned to Hex Kitchen and got a shiny fork.  When they returned, they found the raccoon asleep nearby.  The group was able to successfully swap the fork out for the spoon without waking it.

- The Kitchen Witch baked them some Marshmallow Chops and Mashed Lollipops as a reward, and passed on an invitation to Angel to attened Woodlynn's Birthbee Party.

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