New Auburn Chronicle: Menacing Eyes

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Group further discussed what to do before splitting up.

- Carter found a pieces of information on his grandfather's computer network account at the college - an article about the New Tree Monument vandalism, a couple of emails relating to whatever project he was working on, and a map showing a mysterious location in the wilderness.

- Aaron and Jordan went to try to speak with Steve Carrol, the "Sixth Street Shooter", but he declined to see them.  They sent him a letter the following day saying they wanted to talk about the man in the pin-striped suit.

- Sara and Emory went to speak with the witch, Bethany in the West Tenements, hoping she could point them toward Sims.  Unfortunately, Bethany only had a brief encounter with the man a few weeks previous.  She did seem interested in the pocketwatch Sara had found when it was mentioned, and later went to Sara's dorm room to search it for malevolent spirits.

- Sunday night, Aaron got a call from an officer buddy, Kirk Johnson, who wanted to meet him at the Saint Monessa Catholic Church.  This seemed odd, so Aaron was wary.  His friend told him that, while the police report said they didn't find anything in the cave, he saw something - a mutilated spider creature.

- Monday morning, Jordan was called into the radio station to talk with Cecil Perkins.  This quickly took a turn for the worse when Perkins pulled a gun on him and insisted that he get "it" out of the station.  As he got more and more agitated, a large bulbous shadow emerged from the walls just before the lights went out.  Jordan could see eight glowing, yellow eyes and could feel Perkins struggling against him - and he was bitten.  When he managed to get the door back open, a half-transformed Cecil collapsed onto the floor in time for Mark Wallace to see him laying motionless in a puddle of goo at Jordan's feet - and call the cops.

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