New Auburn Chronicle: Haunted pt. II

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Fearing being arrested for murder, Jordan ran for it.  Unfortunately, his car happened to be seen heading out of town.  After a brief chase, he was apprehended.

- Aaron went to speak with Steve Carrol (the man who'd opened fire at the Sixth Street Bar some weeks earlier).  He learned a little more about Leon Catch and the man in the pin-striped suit.

- While incarcerated, Jordan awoke in the middle of one night to find ghostly figures in his cell.  The scenes seemed to have the flavor of an earlier time.  Disturbed by the imagery, Jordan covered himself and attempted to blot out the wailing sounds - ultimately falling back to sleep.

- Aaron, Carter, Emory, and Sara went to find the place indicated by the map Carter had found on his grandfather's computer.  It took them several hours to arrive, and while, they began to notice time seeming to slip away from them.  At the site, which was said to be a cemetery, they found 13 stones bearing odd symbols with several smaller stones "connecting" them.  Though only 4pm, darkness was falling, and they began to hear and see glimpses of wolves around the hilltop.  It was here that a ghostly, half-wolf/half-man form appeared - distored, emaciated, twisted.  It lashed out at the group, but Aaron, having pulled out the pocketwatch Sara had previously taken from the cave, called the beast to stand down - and this, shockingly, seemed to work.  The ghostly wolf coalesced into the form of a native man - one they had seen before...

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