New Auburn Chronicle: Rebirth pt. I

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Aaron held out the pocketwatch for the ghost to take - asking if it wished to destroy it - but there seemed to be some sort of spiritual friction.  The man held out a flickering, unnaturally-distorting hand toward Aaron and suddenly vanished.  The watch began to burn Aaron's hand, and he dropped it. 

- The watch burst "open", spewing something like blood and tar out across the clearing as a monstrous, spider-like creature pulled itself out of it.  The creature seemed to grow larger and larger by the second, and the group opened fire at the unnatural creature.  

- As it was injured, Sara found the pocketwatch and assessed it to be some sort of portal.  She attempted to hold it closed, but it seemed to be pushing open against her and its surface burned her hands fairly severely.  She and Emory finally managed to force it to stay closed.

- The now-massive demonic spider managed to thickly encase Aaron in webbing and mauled Carter before tossing him aside.  Emory had sustained severe burns from the watch and was only semi-conscious.  It was then that Sara saw the world seem to freeze in place and she heard a familiar voice just over her should: "So, this is interesting..."

- +3xp

LLama says...

I hope we get to use that XP.

Penguinsushi says...

That would be nice, wouldn't it!?

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