New Auburn Chronicle: A Narrow Victory

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Jordan awoke in his jail cell covered in sweat, as if from a horrifying dream he couldn't recall.  He found the Man in the Pin-Striped Suit sitting in his cellmate's bunk with a newspaper.  The man told Jordan that things were getting worse - that he should have accepted his offer.  Jordan said he didn't believe him.  The man's eyes glowed a vibrant yellow.  

- As he dissolved into spider-like shadows and dissipated, Jordan heard his voice in his mind: "Will you save them, Fitzgerald? Can you do what must be done?"  Jordan began to feel a tearing sensation in his forearms.  Looking down, he saw strange, black writing gouged into his flesh: "The Hour Is Late" was on his left arm, and "8550 Newfield Lane" was on his right.

- Back at the hilltop cemetery, time seemed to freeze around Sara, and she began having a mental conversation with whom she believed to be the Man in the Pin-Striped Suit.  He said he could tell her how to eliminate the monstrous spider creature that had nearly killed them if she would do something for him.  The conversation got somewhat muddled, however, and Sara seemed less than cooperative.  When time resumed, Sara grabbed the watch and ran away from the hilltop.  The spider gave chase, but had some difficulty navigating the trees and undergrowth.  As Sara pulled away, it returned to the others on the hill.

- Aaron and Emory were just barely able to "kill" the creature before it reached them and Carter, who'd be severely wounded and was unconscious.  When they did, however, it seemed to explode into hundreds of cat-sized spiders that seemed to be quickly fleeing the area, but also striking out at anything they happened upon.

- When Sara reached the parking area the next day, she found that several days had actually passed. She called Kristine Cannon and convinced her to meet her and the two returned to the others in the woods.  She seemed dubious of their claims of the events that had transpired, but did see the abundant webbing and the whole group noticed that some strange time distortion was happeneing in the area.

- The group headed back into town - most of them, to the hospital, though Emory went to meet Jordan to discuss recent events.

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