New Auburn Chronicle: The New Normal

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- The group made it back to town.  Carter spent some time recovering in the hospital, as he was pretty severely injured.  Sara and Jordan spent some time researching SCUBA thinking they may need to check out some odd mentionings about the lake.  Emory and Aaron, however, went back to work.

- Aaron was called in to Lt Gray's office, and was assigned to Sgt Bryonson's unit which was canvassing neighborhoods and talking to potential witnesses to gang activities.  The police department is currently stretched very thin with the somewhat sudden increase in gang and drug related violence in town.  On one call, they happen upon a domestic disturbance which Aaron suspects might be related to the drug they'd previously encountered.

- Sara met with a student who gave her a rundown on how basic SCUBA diving works, but didn't have any equipment to loan and admitted he was fairly inexperienced.

- An emergency call went out to both Aaron & Bryonson's car and Emory's ambulance, describing an active situation in east-central New Auburn: describing gunfire and at least one body in the street...

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