New Auburn Chronicle: Piercing Shadows

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Aaron and Emory arrived at the scene they were called to, shortly discovering the situation was still quite volatile.  Aaron, Bryonson, Kirk, and Tamara engaged several fleeing suspects.  Aaron encountered a deformed, spiderlike person in the allyway as something large loomed overhead.

- Emory and her partner were attempting to keep some distance from the scene until it was secure, but when one of the officers was injured, Bryonson called for them to come over.  Emory began to have odd emotional sensations with no apparent cause, and the wounds on her back began to burn.  She noticed her partner wasn't in the truck anymore, and thought she saw him heading out to the back of it.  When she got there, she found the Man in the Pin-Striped Suit instead.  He only spoke to her briefly, but her sourceless sensations intensified.  When she looked up again, her partner was where the man had been, and they made ready to go assist the officers.

- On the way back from the gym, Sara had a brief conversation with a floor-mate, who told her that someone matching Bethany's description had been banging on her door, looking for her.

- Carter was resting in the hospital, when he noticed all of the power in his room had gone out, and he heard a scratching sound coming from a dark corner.  Shining the light from his phone over there, he caught a brief glance of something silvery and ethereal fade from existence, leaving behind a silvery web.

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