New Auburn Chronicle: A Haunting Past

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Unaware of other events taking place around town, Jordan continued looking into his family history, finding record of a man named "Albert Fitzgerald", who was a turn-of-the-century newspaper editor in town, and perhaps something of a historian.  Jordan wanted to look at some of the old papers, but had trouble finding them online.  He did happen to know, however, the the Public Library had reproductions of the city's papers going back over 100 years.

- The situation Emory and Aaron found themselves involved in continued to deteriorate.  Officer Tamara began to transform into a spider creature after having been attacked by the looming mass above them, and the original deformed man attacking Aaron continued his assault.  They decided to withdraw, most of them making their escape in the ambulance.  Back at the hospital, there seemed to be some discrepancies between what the others saw and what Aaron and Emory knew had happened.

- After seeing to her studies for a while, Sara got distracted.  She decided to do some online research into whether events similar to those occuring in New Auburn had happened before.  She eventually discovered some ravings by a german doctor speaking about "a Corruption" - a patient and "spider-like" demon that erodes the hearts of "men closest the edge of the abyss", and "changes them into itself".  When she returned to her room, she found it was a wreck, and words written in what looked like blood on the wall read: "I have new friends now, Sara...  ...and they are angry."

- Carter awoke once again in the hospital to find all of the lights out - this time to something pushing its way through the drop-ceiling over his bed: a massive spider was looming above him, emerging from the ceiling.  He ran out of his room into the darkened hallway and found two grotesque beings hunched over what looked like the body of a nurse.  As he ran away, he caught site of Kim Jones - a dead student from the college - and, turning around, found himself face-to-face with a native american woman who's skin was pitted and rotting and who's hair and clothing seemed to float unnaturally around her.  She reached out, placing her hands around his throat and sqeezing.   Carter lost consciousness and, when he awoke, found himself on the shores of a lake, hundreds of fish floating dead in the water before him...

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