New Auburn Chronicle: Tracing Spectres

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- Carter took stock of his surroundings, noticing a partial(?) human skeleton on the shoreline amongst all the dead fish.  His best guess placed him somewhere on the eastern shore of Lake Meijer, at least several miles from civilization and exposed to the elements.  Seeing little option, he started on the hike back to the park where he talked his way into a ride back to the hospital.

- Sara took Carter's car and staretd on the drive out to his place.  On the way there, she called Bethany who all but demanded the watch from Sara, but wouldn't exactly say why - only that it belonged to someone important to her.  Sara wondered why she didn't seem to be so desparate when she'd first seen it.  She made it the rest of the way to Carter's house, where she encountered the restless and angry spirit of a native american woman.

- Emory was called out to a house near the college, to what seemed to be the aftermath of a large house party.  Kirk was already there talking with the landlord.  The paramedics had been called to the scene for a young woman who was, by this time, lying dead in the kitchen of the house - her hands covered in black paint where she had drawn multiple, large eyes on the wall.

- Jordan made some phone calls to the others in the group, and then headed over to the house Sara had found in Kim's notes.  The guy he met there seemed mostly interested in getting rid of him, but eventually divulged that he had once been a sort of middle-man in the employ of Leon Catch, taking money and arranging meetings between customers and Catch's dealers.

- Aaron remained in the hospital, still quite injured.  He did get a phone call from the station, however, indicating someone called "Sam" was trying to get ahold of him...

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