New Auburn Chronicle: Leaving Bad Enough Alone

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- After taking a couple of weeks to recover, the group once more began investigations.  Carter, Emory, and Sara went to the run-down lower-east side of town to ask questions of the guy that found Carter in the lakeside park and took him back to the hospital.

- Locating the man took some time and "negotiation".  When they did found him, he at first seemed unimpressed and uniterested in the their conversation.  After moving to a somewhat more isolated location, he began to talk to them a bit more openly.  

- The group learned little from the man regarding the questions they had - they did learn, however, that he himself had something of a supernatural nature.  He told them that he had laid low for decades, doing his best to avoid the supernatural darkness that seeped into various corners of the world.  In his experience, engaging that sort of evil only made things worse - and he strongly advised the others to follow his lead.

- Meanwhile, Jordan did his best to obtain any useful objects or materials that research and folklore suggested might be helpful in confronting the perils of the supernatural - and rented a boat in preparation to attempt to recover the floating bones Carter had seen on the lake...

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LLama says...

Not the first time we encountered time distortion when dealing with native Americans...... coincidence??? The universe is rarely so lazy. Boat aging..... time passing quickly??

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