New Auburn Chronicle: Out Of Your Depth

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- The group met at the marina the next morning with the intention of locating and recovering bones/skeletons that believe have some connection to past events.  Jordan had rented a pontoon boat for the day, and had brought a number of "supplies" designed to combat or subdue any supernatural dangers that might present themselves.  Once the others arrived, they set out onto the lake in their boat.  They quickly found themselves driving in and out of thick pockets of fog being driven by the wind.

- Near one of the deepest parts of the lake, they found a mostly-whole skeleton floating on the surface.  It began to break apart as they gathered the bones into the boat.  As they attempted to maneuver the boat to gather the remainder of the small bones, they noticed they were drifting toward a patch of lake water deep in the fog that seemed to be bubbling.

- As they drifted into the bubbling water, the boat's engine died and bone fragments began to fall from the sky like rain, gradually increasing in side.  As Emory and Aaron worked to get the boat running and others attempted to gather more bones they found floating in the water and scattered around the deck, shadows began to appear in the distance around them and overhead.  The boat began to corrode and fall apart around them.  The depth-finder read 9999.

- Emory managed to get the boat running as the indistinct form of a massive, spider-like creature emerged from the fog above them.  Its carapace writhed and dripped with some dark liquid.  It's round maw shrieked behind monstrous fangs and the eight, translucent yellow eyes that hovered in a ring above its head seemed to burn with yellow flame.

- Aaron managed to force the boat backward out of the bubbling water and away from the creature even as it tore the canopy from the craft.  More concerned with escape than direction, he ran the boat all the way up onto the shore - the same place Carter had found himself after his hospital blackout.

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