New Auburn Chronicle: Bury The Past

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

- As the black clouds above began to pour cold rain on them, the group set to work attempting to quickly dig some sort of grave in which to bury the bones they'd recovered, believing the lack of a proper burial for them is contributing to the spiritual unrest in town.

- As they made progress, the storm picked up and 4 wolves emerged from the forest.  Believing the wolves to be connected to other events, the group attempted to avoid fighting them even though they displayed hostile behavior. Aaron got some sort of message from the wolves suggesting that something the group was doing was weakening them.  When he petitioned for more information, something in the wolves changed - three of them ran off to the northeast, the other turned and retreated to the south.

- While Aaron and Jordan pursued the wolves, Carter, Emory, and Sara buried the bones.  The Man in the Pin-Striped Suit appeared again, asking if they were sure that's what they wanted to do.  He told them their actions would make them powerful enemies.  The group largely ignored him, but he didn't interfere - disappearing after giving a final warning that there was no "going back".

- Jordan pursued the wolf to the south and encountered the ghost native the group had seen several times previously.  Attempting to commune with the spirit, he began to meditate.  The action seemed to engage the ghost, who passed on several impressions of the past.

- Aaron followed the other three wolves north to a place in the most run-down area of town at the heart of the storm which had moved over New Auburn, watching the shadow in the clouds above descend into an abandoned train station.

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