New Auburn Chronicle: Save Our City

 World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing
World of Darkness artwork © White Wolf Publishing

There's a time to pray / and there's a time to fight / anything can be a weapon / if you're holding it right

- Emory, Carter, and Sara began heading north - back to the marina to get their cars and hurry to the train station Aaron had described.  On their way, they encountered a deformed Leon Catch, obviously corrupted by some dark influence.  Not wasting words, he immediately attacked them, proclaiming they must die.  He had a fairly strong upper hand until Sara was able to find some manifestation of his corruptor lurking in the Twilight.  That connection disrupted, Catch burst into flames and burned to ash in seconds.

- As Jordan hurried through the woods, he found himself running with deformed, ghostly wolves.  Slowly converging on him, they somehow warped space around themselves, leaving Jordan in front of the train station.

- Aaron had a brief run-in with "Jason" - the supernaturally-influenced many Carter, Emory, and Sara had spoken with before.  He criticized the groups interference in things over their heads and eventually headed off to the north as Aaron continued south to the nearest bridge over the river.

- Aaron and Jordan met up at the train station and sneaked inside.  They spied several gang members hanging out - and one that had, apparently, been shot by the others on the platform.  They found the main hall of the station covered in webs, and 11 skeletons suspended in them.

- When Aaron, Emory, and Sara arrived, the 3 gang members present became aware of the group's presence and a brief firefight insued.  One gang member was gunned down, and the other two fled in short order.

- The group converged on the main chamber, where the massive, distorted spider appeared - clearly agitated.  Some of the group engaged it with gunfire - Jordan's "blessed" bullets offering some aid - while others attempted to dislodge the skeletons.  The spider's attentions seemed clearly divided.  The group eventually killed it, but Sara warned them that it was only its physical form that was destroyed.  To keep it dead, they would need to recover and bury the skeletons as they had done the other two.

- By this time, the police were arriving.  Sgt Bryonson seemed interested on keeping most of them out of the way, however.  The group was escorted to the station, where questions were asked and answered.  After a long night, they were released, and they set about making sure the spider demon did not return.

- 10xp


Having rid the city of the beast at the heart of the drug problem and the spider transformations, they were, perhaps, surprised that their lives did not significantly improve.  Most lost their jobs over the next few weeks or months, always on shaky reasoning, and they continued to observe hints of the supernatural haunting them.  Also, the Man in the Pin-Striped Suit was still out there somewhere, with his inscrutable motives.  

Eventually, they all received a letter:

"We have been observing your activities for some time, and you show some promise.  Welcome.  Stand by for further instructions."

The letter was "signed" only with the logo of a black bird with one, large, human-like eye - overlayed with the single word: SCARECROW

End Chapter 1

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