Aralakh Company: The First Job

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 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- Tim's company was hired by a Free Worlds League duke to hit a small Capellan military R&D facility on an otherwise-insignificant border world.  Intelligence indicated the nearby military base was all but decommissioned and they expect no more than a few light mechs and a pair of turrets as in terms of resistance.  Aralakh is to neutralize defenses and allow a strike team (they're transporting) to enter the facility and extract technology.

- Tim rolled rather poorly during contract negotiations and is only being compensated with a forward of 45,000 for operating costs, 25,000 for mission success, a potential 50,000 bounty on significant tech recovered - BUT, they do have full rights to any salvage they have time to pull out, which could pay off nicely.

- The jumpship transporting them says they will remain in-system for 17 days.  At the standard jump points, the target world is about 8 days travel at 1G.  Aralakh pays the captain an extra 5,000 to jump just a little closer to the ecliptic, shaving a day off the interplanetary travel.  They should have up to 3 days on-world.  Extra time comes at 10,000/day.

- Upon reaching the site, they found it defended by a Locust, a Panther, and a Hermes II - which is actually a medium mech.  After a brief skirmish, they took the Panther down and the two remaining units retreated.  Seeing no evidence of additional resistance, the unit held off on calling in the strike team and instead decided to pursue the fleeing units for more potential salvage.

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