Aralakh Company: Pirate Moon pt II

Thursday January 26, 2017 at 8:00pm battletech, aralakh company, game session notes Comments (0) »
 Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes
Battletech artwork © Harebrained Schemes

- Both sides continued to pound each other for several rounds, severely damaging multiple units.

- Ultimately, the pirate leader proposed a deal: they would leave the system and not return - and would leave the merc a prize of valuable military equipment - in exchange for an end to hostilities.

- After considering the situation carefully, Aralakh agreed to their terms.  The pirates proved true enough to their word.

- The company's employer was not completely satisfied with their results, though they had technically fulfilled the contract and the pirate threat was gone (at least for the time being).  Compensation was renegotiated for half.

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