No Thank You Evil: Dead Center's Missing Flowers pt I

Sunday April 9, 2017 at 3:00pm no thank you evil, game session notes Comments (0) »
 No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games
No Thank You Evil artwork © Monte Cook Games

- The group entered Under The Bed and met Lady Von Snoot, an old ghost who asked for their help entering her home (the cemetery called Dead Center).  They also heard some strange, distant voices that turned out to be the mountains they were on asking for help finding their third twin.

- Upon arriving at the cemetery, the group found it to be the site of an ongoing investigation.  Inspector Grumbles told(?) them that all the flowers had been stolen from the graves (this had upset Ms Schnauser horribly).

- When they looked around, they found some paperclips, thumbtacks, bent stables, and a post-it note that read: "Bob - Bob bob bobob bob bobobobob bob bob. - Bob"  

- The inspector recognized this as the work of Bobgoblins.  He asked(?) them to go to the goblins' corporate HQ to talk to Big Wig and get the flowers back.

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